Chemical Guys Flexible Backing Plate for dual Action Polisher 6 " (150mm)


6" Halteplatte für Dual Action Poliermaschinen

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Professional grade OEM molded urethane backing - plate.
THE BEST 6" Backing plate for your Dual Action Polisher. DA-Molded urethane backing - plate. Nothing holds pads better then our Hook & Loop flexible backing - plates.

Chemical Guys Dual-Action Flexible Backing Plates minimize heat transfer, while it flexes just enough to contour to your autos bends curves. These backing - plates are built tough and even carry a 1 Yr warranty. Ideal for use with Porter Cable 7424 Dual-Action Polisher or Chemical Guys Heavy Hitter DA.

Why get a molder urethane backing - plate as apposed to some cheap shit you saw on line? Urethane is flexible and very durable. Reinforced inner construction utilizes steel struts molded into the center hub to give the plate stability while maintaining a great even surface for pads.

Dual-Action Flexible Backing - plates minimize heat transfer
Molder Urethane is flexible and bendable to work well with vehicles curves,
Best backing - plates for Porter Cable 7424 or 7336 Dual-Action Polisher
Flexible and incredibly durable
Build to last through countless, rigorous uses without falling apart or becoming unbalanced.
6" Inches in Diameter and is perfect for all 5" 6" and 7? buffing ? and polishing pads.

The backing - plate is smaller than the pads to allow a generous lip of foam to protect the paint surface. Even if you turn the pad onto its side accidentally, there is an inch of soft, beveled urethane between the edge of the plate and the inner construction. The threaded post fits any polisher with a 5/16? diameter.

Use the backing - plate preferred by some of the leading car manufacturers in the world to put the final touches on their vehicles. Our Dual-Action Flexible Backing - plate provides the safest, most durable surface for your pads so that you get the best performance possible from your dual-action polisher.

Funktion: Polieren

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