Chemical Guys Wheelbrush - Hedgehog Long

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Why Buy This Product?
Extra long (37cm) Wheelbrush.
Cleans perfect behind and between the spokes.
Can be used for all painted / coated wheels.
Can also be used for the grille and other applications.

About this brush

The Hedgehog Wheelbrush is a medium sized wheelbrush with a broad head, pointed top, and solid grip. The Chemical Guys Hedgehog Wheelbrush is a black handled premium detailing brush engineered to perform and clean the inside of the wheels perfectly? Why a hedgehog you ask? Because they are point out there performance when the time is right! Just like the Hedgehog Wheelbrush which is an extra long (370mm) and goes perfect besides and between spokes and edges to clean your wheels to the max. Suitable for steel and alloy wheels. The Hedgehog Wheelbrush is equipped with a ergonomic soft - grip handle. Besides wheels it goes great between gaps and grilles as well, probably more applications to think of?

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