Smartwax Detailing Tasche & Trunk Organizer

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hochwertige Nylon Tasche für Smartwax Produkte

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  • Nylon Tasche


How Convenient is it to take all your stuff with you in a simple way? Never picked everything together, but everything is organized in a handy bag. This bag is made of high quality nylon. It makes this bag stronger so you can even load it full with 16oz/473ml bottles. The bag is even bigger than it already is because of the front zip. To avoid the bag shift in the truck, the bag is provided with Velcro so it stick on the upholstery of the trunk. Off course this all is not the only thing that makes this bag special. The SmartWax Detailing Bag & Trunk Organizer is provided with embroidered logos. This allows you to show all the products you use to. Because it is embroidered it stays longer than pasted logos.

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