Smartwax Flex Pad (Sandblock) Pink Kit

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Schleifblock Kit

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Hyper-FLEX Sanding System -Looking to remove a scratch , restore a headlight or simply need the best water sanding solution ...we got it.

The finest quality and most accurate water sanding system ever. water sanding system Hyper-FLEX Sanding Systems unique wet sanding and polishing system combines an ultra-flexible permeable latex membrane that enable sanding sheets to adhere to it using a flexible Self-adhesive peel-and-stick system of use and replace sanding sheets.

Specially Designed 2-ply construction enables the Hyper-Flex pad to adapt to any surface you are working on always delivering even and uniform performance. Flexible latex sanding sheets utilize the finest abrasives and a specially formulated soft sheets available in 2500 grit and 3000 grit designed to remove sanding scratches quickly and effectively as well and surface blemishes and fading on paint and headlights do to continued UV exposure.

Water Sanding Flex Sanding block Hyper Flex SAND PAPER The Hyper-FLEX Sanding System?s uniform sanding pattern design greatly reduces the need to compound, achieving the best finish in the shortest time. Hyper-FLEX Sanding System adapts to the surface you are working with.

The Multi-pore flexible construction of the Flex backing is easily pliable for sanding irregular surfaces. The light grey side is pliable for faster sanding on curved surfaces. Hyper-FLEX Sanding System ?Grades of Finish: Hyper-Flex Black-Finish equivalent: >P3000 Hyper-Flex Black-Finish equivalent: >P2500

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